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Ocean Signal is supporting record-breaking sailor Andrea Mura as he bids for victory in the challenging single-handed OSTAR race from Plymouth, UK, to Newport, Rhode Island, in the United States, which started on Monday.

Providing essential safety equipment for Mura on his east-to-west trans-Atlantic solo crossing, marine communication and safety specialist Ocean Signal is sponsoring the Sardinian star by supplying two of its SafeSea® E100G EPIRBs and a rescueME PLB1.

Mura is aiming to make history in the race in his Open 50 Vento di Sardegna (Winds of Sardinia) by breaking the record for 50-foot boats, set by Giovanni Soldini at 15 days, 18 hours and 29 minutes.

The Italian sailor then plans to race in this year’s Rolex Fastnet Race, starting on August 11, and will again have the Ocean Signal EPIRBs and personal locator beacon on board.

Last week in Plymouth, as Mura made his final preparations for the unpredictable conditions of the North Atlantic, he said it was reassuring to know the Ocean Signal equipment was on hand in an emergency.

“I feel really comfortable knowing that now I have two new EPIRBs with 50 channel GPS on board, which means my position will be transmitted more accurately and faster,” said Mura.

“If I am in trouble, I have the first EPIRB inside the boat that I can activate manually. I keep the second EPIRB in my grab bag, so I know I will have it if I am going in the life raft. When I am on deck, I always keep the PLB on my ocean jacket to give me one more chance to be found in case I fall into the water.”

Mura, who is renowned for his work in innovative sail design as well as in the racing world, has significantly enhanced his competitive reputation over the last three years with some impressive performances.

He sealed a famous triumph in the Route du Rhum in 2010, a solo trans-Atlantic race from Saint Malo in Brittany to Point à Pitre, Guadeloupe, to become the first Italian to win the event.

Then in 2012, Mura won the TwoStar, a two-handed trans-Atlantic race from Plymouth, UK, to Newport, US, with Riccardo Apolloni, setting a new course record with a time of 13 days 12 hours and 47 minutes. One month later, he finished in first place in the mono-hull section in the Transat Quebec-S.Malò, with Apolloni, Luca Tosi and Thomas Stella, again setting a new course record of 11 days 15 hours and 59 seconds.

Ocean Signal Sales and Marketing Manager James Hewitt is looking forward to following the progress of Mura, after the sponsorship deal was arranged through Italian dealer and service centre Abordo Group SRL.

“I am really pleased to be able to support Andrea by supplying our EPIRBs and PLB,” said Hewitt. “I wish him all the best in the OSTAR race and also in the Fastnet.”

Organised by the Royal Western Yacht Club, the OSTAR (Original Singlehanded Transatlantic Race) is run every four years on a testing westwards course against the prevailing winds of the North Atlantic over a distance of around 3,000 nautical miles.

Mura lined up against 16 other competitors when the race started in windy conditions on Monday at noon in the Plymouth Sound, with the finishing date expected to be between June 23 and 26 on the east coast of America.

Flying the flag as the only Italian in the race, Mura has made significant improvements to Vento di Sardegna over the last few months, replacing the sails, the standing rigging and the on-board instruments. Lighter by 600kg, he is confident the boat is faster and more balanced, but admits that safety is always a priority even when he has his sights on speed and records.

“I spend a lot of time preparing my boat properly – if the boat is ready, I am ready and I am not nervous,” said Mura.

“During the race, I am always alert because you never know what could happen. You could cross or crash into a whale, hit a floating container, large pieces of wood, dolphin or other fish. The new generation of boat are very fast and any crash could be seriously dangerous.

“For this reason, I always sleep outside when I am on the boat. I always have my life vest on, despite the humidity or the cold, because this is the only way to always be ready for any situation. It means I can hear any noise and when I hear something a little bit different I wake up immediately.

“I think skippers who sleep inside without their vest are taking more risk. They don’t hear natural noise, as things sound quite different inside. If you suddenly need to go outside without a vest in the north Atlantic, it is not very nice!

“I am very happy to have these two new EPIRBs on board, thanks to Ocean Signal.”

Ocean Signal’s SafeSea® E100G EPIRB has been developed and designed with highly efficient transmitter circuits to ensure it has the longest quoted operational battery life in the industry. This means that the LB2E battery has enough capacity to operate the EPIRB continuously, typically for four whole days, even using the GPS fix. In addition, SafeSea EPIRB batteries, which are classified as non-hazardous for shipment, can be replaced by the user, eliminating the need to return the unit to the manufacturer or agent when batteries need changing.

The SafeSea E100G is fitted with a 50 channel, integral GPS, which not only improves location accuracy, but also significantly reduces the time taken for the position to be transmitted to the rescue authorities. The EPIRB also includes a 121.5MHz homing beacon and a high brightness LED strobe light. The E100G is a Cospas–Sarsat EPIRB operating in the 406MHz satellite band.

The rescueME PLB1 is typically 30% smaller than other PLBs and has a seven-year battery life. When activated, the rescueME PLB1 will transmit accurate position data from its 66 channel GPS, using the designated 406MHz search and rescue satellite communication system, as well as transmitting a 121.5MHz homing beacon which will be received by search and rescue helicopters or vessels for a minimum of 24 hours while the integrated strobe light ensures maximum visibility.

Safety and communication products from Ocean Signal offer exceptional value, meeting or exceeding international technical and safety standards. Careful design and innovation provides commercial shipping, fishing and recreational users the confidence that their Ocean Signal equipment will work to, and beyond, their expectations when it is needed most.

For more information about Andrea Mura, go to his website at www.andreamura.com or www.ventodisardegna.it.

For further information on the full range of products available from Ocean Signal, please go to www.oceansignal.com.


Date: May 2013